6 Reasons Why Every Girl NEEDS A ‘Hoe Phase’

Sharon McCutcheon

We’re creatures of habit. We do what we think we’re supposed to do when we’re supposed to do it because that’s what we’re told is “right.” For instance, we’re not supposed to interact in sexual activity before we’re married. News flash, people do it, they just don’t talk about doing it. All of this pressure is put on us to do things a certain way. Graduate high school, graduate college, start your career, get married, have children, etc. But not everyone does this. No one tells you that while you’re in the midst of getting your college degree, you’ll start to date someone who’s going to change your outlook on everything, including how you view yourself.

You’ll date that one person that seems almost perfect in the beginning, but as time goes on, you’ll slowly start to sacrifice a lot about yourself to continue to please that person. Don’t do this. Run. Get out! You won’t though. You’ll stay until the relationship is almost debilitating. It’ll feel like you can’t breathe and you’ll become solely dependent on that other person. After the breakup, which is going to be messy and hurt A LOT, your sex drive is going to go into overload. There’s nothing wrong with this and it’s completely normal. You deserve it. Every girl needs a hoe phase and this is why:

1. You become more in tune with your body

Obviously, you don’t need a man to tell you you’re sexy, but it doesn’t hurt! It’s also very liberating to be able to be that vulnerable in front of someone and not really care what they’re thinking because you have become so in sync with every inch of your body! IT’S LIBERATING! Explore your body and become more comfortable in your own skin. When coming out of a long relationship, it’s weird to get back on the saddle and you’re going to have doubts, but this is where you get to begin loving yourself again. So do it and do it as much as you want!

2. Self-Confidence

After coming out of a long relationship, especially one that ended poorly, you have a lot of self doubt. You may not feel pretty, smart, happy, etc., but you can only wallow in self doubt for so long. You need to learn to love yourself. No one wants to have sex with the girl that cries afterwards because she’s still in love with her ex boyfriend. DON’T BE THAT GIRL. Instead, use this time to feel yourself a little more than before. Use this time to become the girl you used to be before you fell for the douchebag that ruined your image of yourself. You’re in control and that’s something that should be sexy all on its own!

3. Story Time

After hooking up with what’s his face, you’re going to be dying to tell your friends and they’re going to be intrigued to listen! There’s nothing better than sending a text that says “so…I did a thing last night…” She’s going to know exactly what that means and the details are going to start to unravel! The best part of this is that you’re going to be able to go through it step by step and because he’s not your boyfriend, you’re going into complete detail and even answering the question about his penis size. You’ve just become Super Woman to your friends…especially if you’ve hooked up with people you’ve all known for a long time. You’re answering questions for them that they’ve kind of always wondered about but could never really confirm or deny! Go slay, girl!

4. Double Standards are BULLSHIT

It’s sad that we even have to call it a “hoe phase” when men do it regularly. Casual sex is okay for men to do, but not women? WRONG. Don’t feed into the bullshit double standards and be happy doing what you want with whoever you want! You’re equally as entitled to have fun and keep it casual with anyone you chose.

5. Like Vs. Don’t Like

Because you’re exploring, this is a GREAT opportunity to for you to find things that work for you and things that don’t. While you’re out discovering yourself, you’re going to come across things that you’ve never experienced before and you’re going to learn real quickly if you life them or if you don’t. This is an exploration and learning experience, take full advantage of it!

6. Your choices are now your own!

That’s right, you are now able to do exactly what you want whenever the hell you want without having to think about how it’s going to affect someone else! You spend so long making decisions based on the both of you, that it feels good to be a little selfish right now! You deserve it, girl! If you want to get drunk on a Monday night, guess what? You can! If you want to go home with that really cute guy from the bar, guess what? You can! You want to wear that slutty outfit, guess what? NOW YOU CAN! You got out and now you don’t need to be tamed!

Hoe out. Have fun. Enjoy finding yourself. As long as you’re protecting yourself, live it up! This is going to be an exploration of yourself like you’ve never had before. You need this, you just don’t know how much yet, but you will! Now go be Super Woman or bang Super Woman, whichever you prefer! Just enjoy yourself while doing it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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