To The Girl Who Was Cheated On And Got Her Heart Broken

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To The Girl Who Was Cheated On And Got Her Heart Broken:

Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. I know that may sound a bit dramatic, but for anyone who’s been cheated on, you know it’s true. It hurts because you allowed yourself to care enough about this person and trusted them and they royally screwed you over.

You were making future plans together. You were looking at houses. You had been together for several years. You lived together. You discussed getting married and having perfect little babies and their potential names.

You now realize you were basically having all of those thoughts, feelings, conversations, etc. with yourself.

After a break up with cheating, you find out who your true friends are. You’ll discover more and more about the situation and who knew all along. It’s going to get harder before it gets easier. At this point, you feel like you can’t go on. You feel like an idiot for putting yourself in that type of relationship or listening to their bullshit over and over again about how they were sorry and they love you and blah blah blah.

The truth is, he’s just a liar and so were your so-called friends.

These are friends that you may have known longer than him and friends that you met through him. These friends are not your real friends. Anyone who cares about you or your feelings would never allow you to be played like a fool when you thought all along that you were both genuinely happy. You’ll have the long, hateful, and drawn out conversations with him about how badly he hurt you and he’ll lie and say he’s sorry, but he’s not. Not right now.

Right now he’s just sorry he got caught.

One of the worst things you can do to a girl after cheating on her is denying it and making her think she’s a psycho for thinking that you could ever do that to her. Don’t do that. Be honest. Be a man. Tell the truth. If you slipped up, then tell her. Don’t go to the extreme of touching base with all the people that know to assure that she doesn’t find out. That’s not fair to her. One of the worst feelings after any breakup is wondering what went wrong. Blaming yourself isn’t right. He’s the one who slipped and fell into another girl’s vagina. You didn’t cause that.

Once you realize that, moving on will get so much easier. When you first realize that, you’ll go back and forth on it a little bit and wonder what if. What if you wouldn’t have found out? What if you had stayed together? What if he would’ve come clean on his own? What if he had stopped going out so much or coming home more often? So many thoughts and that’s enough to make anyone crazy.

Stop wondering. Once you stop wondering and know that you weren’t to blame for it not working out, you’ll feel so much better.

The stage of hate will kick in. After you’ve cried it out enough times, you’ll start to hate him. It’s easier to hate him than it is to still care for them when you’re trying to move on. When cheating is involved, it’s almost impossible to walk away from the situation and wish the best for them if you truly loved them.

After the hate, you’ll realize you have stopped caring about him altogether. You’re not worried about texting him or him texting you. You’re not worried if he’s dating and who. For the other girl’s sake, you hope not because she has no idea what she’s in store for. You won’t wonder if he’s ever going to regret doing what he did or try to reach out.

You’re done. You’re healed.

Moving onto someone else is one of the best feelings. You want to be careful with this though. You’re going to have A LOT of sex after a break up like this one. Make sure your facilities are on point at all times. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into another relationship right away. You’re begging for failure. After all the hooking up, you’ll find someone that you knew or was there all along but you were too busy being unhappy in your past relationship that you never realized it. My best advice for you is to find your apple juice guy. I call him the “apple juice guy” because he’s the guy that won’t hurt you. He’s the guy you can depend on for absolutely anything. He ends up being your best friend and your lover all in one. He gets you to your core. He’s the guy that will bring you apple juice if you want it at midnight; meanwhile, you couldn’t get your boyfriend of six years to grab you water from the refrigerator downstairs.

After you begin a new and healthy relationship with your apple juice guy, you’ll look back at this very moment and wonder how you ever loved someone so selfish and disrespectful. You’ll look back at this feeling and know that you never want to feel that worry when he didn’t come home. You’ll never want to feel that twisting and turning in your stomach when you knew but didn’t want to believe it. You’ll never want to wonder when he was out all night if he was actually with who he said he was with. No one should ever have that. You deserve better. You are better. Your smile lights up someone’s world.

You are a badass bitch. Never settle for less than perfection. TC mark

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