5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter How Many People You’ve Had Sex With


Seriously, what is with the culture of freaking out over the number of people a person sleeps with? Calm down, folks. It isn’t actually such a big deal.

Because… duh!

It’s sex we’re talking about! Lust falls under the “human nature” category and sex steps a foot closer to the “basic needs” department so technically, having a number higher than 10 is acceptable. Own it.

It’s your choice

Sex or no sex. It’s up to you. Go on and have sex if you want. With whomever you want. Anywhere, anytime. No one’s stopping you anyways. (Oh, use a condom please.) It’s your damn choice.

What’s done is done

Good or bad sex, sex is still sex. You should still count the lame ones. Don’t lie about your number. Besides, if it wasn’t for the lame experiences, you wouldn’t know what good sex really is.

The “Minus Five” rule is pathetic

Let’s say you’ve slept with 8 people, and if you apply the “minus five” rule, you’ll say you’ve slept with only 3 people. If you’re in the middle of winning someone up, this will surely you’ll win you some points at home. But you gotta understand that if ever you end up having a relationship and you’ve been lying about your number since day 1, chances are, they’ll find out. And if they do, it’s gonna be ugly.

Honesty is the best policy

If you’ve had over 5 or more than 10, you should say it loud and proud. If a person judges you for your number and calls you a slut or a manwhore without even getting to know the real you, basically they just don’t deserve you. (P.S: Be fair to people and don’t judge them for how many people they’ve slept with.) This is somewhat related to #4. If your partner finds out that you’re lying and they judge you for it, a.) Face the consequence and b.) Don’t lie about it ever again.

It doesn’t define who you are

Just because you sleep with the guys in your whole class doesn’t mean you’re evil. Sex happens, people. It’s not a bad thing (unless it’s done under cheating circumstances); it happens and will happen in your life. It doesn’t show how kind you are to kids or how nasty you are to spiders. It’s just a fucking number. Dang it.

Be like Lindsay Lohan if you want. Write the names of the people you slept with in a neat sheet of paper. Share it. Let people know. Let them talk. Let them judge and don’t give a fuck. TC Mark

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