Read This When You Feel Like Everyone You Love Leaves

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Maybe you’ve lost someone. Maybe a friend, a boyfriend, a parent, a sibling. Maybe someone left your life by accident, by choice, by something completely out of your control. That does not mean everyone who steps into your life will step back out.

If you are thinking it was your fault, it was not. People do not always work. You couldn’t have done very much to prevent it. Sometimes, people are flimsy. Sometimes, you can’t count on others. It is not your fault if he left you. It is not your fault that life does not always work out the way we plan for it, the way we hope for it to.

So you don’t have to spend the rest of your life worrying people will leave you.

If someone left, and you think that means you’re not good enough, know that people do not always work well together. It is not always someone’s fault. There isn’t always someone to blame.

Sometimes, you have to leave relationships because they aren’t right for you. Sometimes, you have to leave people because they aren’t right for you. That does not mean those same people aren’t right for other people.

You feel a lot, and that is okay. In fact, it is wonderful. If he made you feel like that was a fault, be glad he is gone. If he is the reason you feel faulty and like you’re not good enough, let him go. Do not hold onto someone who has hurt you and keeps hurting you. 

You are allowed to stop loving on someone who makes you feel like your love isn’t worth anything.

Because it is.

Your love is worth it.

You know more than anyone else how much love you have to give. Other people have always been important to you, and you want to love them.

Don’t let him hold you back.

Now that he’s gone, don’t hold yourself back by thinking he was right.

You have so much love to give, and oh man, is that worth holding onto. TC mark

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