3 Toxic Lies You Have To Stop Believing In If You Want To Truly Love Yourself

Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner

Lies – they’re everywhere.

From that little white lie that’s supposedly for your good to that major deceit that broke your heart and sent you to tears, there’s no stopping the barrage of lies. Everyone’s a natural born liar; human nature has this tendency to withhold the truth from people if it threats our interests.

Unfortunately, we all lie, not just to others, but also to ourselves.

If lying is never good, I believe it’s even worse when you believe in those lies because 1) you don’t know the truth 2) you end up looking stupid and 3) simply because you fell for a lie.

Unfortunately, we also believe the lies we tell ourselves.

These personal lies usually stem from an outside belief system. The world shapes your view of yourself; as a result, you end up trying to be what they want. Your mind crafts beliefs that insist you should be this person and if you fall short, you’re nothing.

But what are they?

And how can you not believe in them?

1. You’re Not Pretty

The world says a beautiful woman has to have a slim waist, big breasts, beautiful eyes, and a small face. She has to be flawless, this type of hair, and wears only these sets of clothes. She should be elegant, graceful, and her laughter – the tinkling of bells.
That’s what they say. In the end, that’s also what you tell yourself.

But these are all lies.

In reality, a woman is beautiful IF she knows it herself. How can others see your beauty if you can’t see it for yourself? Don’t base your looks according to the world’s standards. There’s no one in this world like you and in my opinion, that’s more than beautiful.

2. You Are Not Good Enough

There’s so much we want to achieve in this life. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to be a world-famous dancer or actress. Maybe, you’re that person who’s passionate with travelling and sees herself from one country to another. Your dream might be simple: you just want people to appreciate your efforts.

But hard as you try, it seems like things don’t go your way.

People are always better than you. No one appreciates your hard work. You’re always the second best to someone. It’s almost as if life wanted you to fail.

But that’s just what you think.

The belief that you are never good enough stems from one thing: comparison. When you constantly compare yourself with others, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH.
Someone else will always outshine you and you’ll end up hating yourself for being so “pathetic.”
Girl, listen – you are not pathetic. Stop comparing your work with others; we were all born with different gauges of talent. You are good enough on your own. Don’t let this lie hinder you from achieving the best.

3. No One Wants To Be With You

We’ve all felt loneliness once in a while. In some cases, however, some feel alone more than they should.

Loneliness varies: no one likes your photos on social media, you always eat alone, your friends aren’t always there as you’d hope they’d be, or the family isn’t as close as you want. Some women also think that being single is the most unfortunate form of loneliness; it’s enough proof that no guy would ever notice you.

Stop right there.

I feel those lonely moments once in a while, but then I realized that no one is ever alone, really. Loneliness, in some occasions, is a mindset. We get too overwhelmed with our circumstances or our want for attention that we forget the people who are actually there. Sometimes, we feel lonely because we choose to be lonely.

But man was not created for loneliness; friends and family exist to help us out and be our support. When we see beyond our loneliness, we gain a better appreciation of the people who are actually around us. We need to exert effort to reach out to those who love us, because in the end, they will always have our back.

I have yours. Just PM me (no, seriously).

And for the girls who think singleness is loneliness, re-write your perspective. Sometimes, being single paves the way for more opportunities to explore, discover, and meet new people.

Now tell me, how’s that lonely?

Lies are bad for the health. It hampers the happiness you deserve, especially if the lies came from you.

Do yourself a favour and stop it.

Instead, revel in the truth that you are an awesome human being, because believe me – you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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