6 Things Young College Girls Should Know Before Going Greek


Before I begin, I must tell you I am not against Greek Life or individuals in Greek Life at all. I have complete respect for those in the system and are truly having an amazing experience. In fact, I am a little jealous.

I, also, need to make this clear: Greek life is not bad. I hate the rumors about the girls being sluts or alcoholics. Just as many Non-Greek girls behave the same way, but they just aren’t grouped together the same way. That’s not a fair judgment to place. So, stop it.

In the end, I found it just wasn’t for me. Not because of anything someone did to me, or because it is corrupt or immoral. Some personalities just don’t fit in certain situations.

Also, I must tell you that I made some of the best friends in my sorority. Some of the girls got me through hell. My little is one of the best people I know. And becoming a big was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

But, a part of me thinks if I would have had known a few things beforehand, I would have had a much different, maybe even better, experience.

1. Listen to your gut.

Think about your relationship with other girls in high school. Did you have more girl friends than guy friends? How much drama did you get yourself into? Believe it or not, if you had trouble with girls then, you will most likely have trouble with girls now. That doesn’t mean you’re a crazy drama queen. Sometimes you just happen to get along with guys more. If this is you, then maybe you should save yourself the trouble, time and money.

2. It’s all about what you say.

After going through recruitment on both sides (as in being recruited, and recruiting), I learned how having a perfect conversation can really change your odds for getting a bid from a desired house. While being recruited, I was an awkward 18-year-old that knew nothing about the Greek System. Fact is, you NEED to know about it. For instance, some houses value grades and leadership, so if you want that house, talk about that. Not where your shoes are from. Be your best self. It could really help you in the long run. Be rehearsed, probably a little fake, and tell them what they want to hear.

3. People WILL judge you.

Not everyone will understand why you are Greek and what it really means. Just let it go in one ear, and out the other. You know the truth of it. If you listen to others, it will not only make you feel bad, but you will start to question whether or not you made the right decision. If you have made a friend, had fun, laughed, had any type of enjoyment, you have made the right decision.

4. Letters don’t make you automatic BFFs.

Just because you are wearing a matching shirt with matching letters doesn’t mean you are soulmates. And it, also, doesn’t mean you are automatically friends. Try to mingle and meet everyone. You’ll find your niche.


Yes, living in a house with a ton of girls while sharing every ounce of space you have sounds exhausting. And probably won’t appeal to you at first. But, take it from me, if you are given the chance to live in house, you better do it. If not, live with sisters. Do SOMETHING with your sisters. Don’t separate yourself quite yet. You can tell yourself all you want, “Oh I can always stay the night or go for dinner. Hell, I can go do homework there everyday with my friends!” You won’t do it. It gets annoying. And it’s not the same. You don’t get to connect with all the girls in the same way and you will end up feeling left out. Proximity = closeness.

6. It’s a little superficial.

It sounds bad, but it’s true. You’re primarily judged on your looks and interests. It’s the way it is. If you don’t like that, then don’t get yourself involved. Some houses pay attention to hair, makeup, clothes fitness, overall beauty, while others don’t judge as much. And you can easily tell by bid day. You can either be the hottest you during recruitment, or stay true to your roots and see who really loves you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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