13 ‘Unladylike’ Things Women Should NEVER Apologize For

Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

Sometimes a woman just needs to be unapologetically unladylike.

1. Cursing

Sometimes regular words just aren’t going to cut it. Cursing can be an effective form of expression when feeling intense emotions. While it’s usually not necessary to throw F-bombs into every other word in normal daily conversations, we need to curse at least now and then so we don’t act out in other ways that could be worse.

2. Choosing to not have kids

Opting out of motherhood for a child-free lifestyle has become shamed for turning your back on your femininity. Being a mother is a highly respectable position, but not every woman on the face of the planet needs to become one. Some women want to fulfill other important roles in society, which should be respected as well.

3. Having bodily functions

We’re all human. Sometimes our bodily functions arrive at inconvenient times; it happens. That doesn’t mean deliberately go fart in someone’s face – unless they deserve it.

4. Being sexually active

Society loves to try to make women feel like they should be sexual, but not too sexual. Sexy, but don’t flaunt it. Women shouldn’t have to apologize for how they have sex, who they have it with, or how many.

5. Forgetting to shave

Very few women actually want to shave every day. Many shave only a couple times a week. Some rarely shave. It’s personal choice and it’s natural. If ladies weren’t meant to have body hair, we wouldn’t be able to grow it, but we do so get over it.

6. Eat. Like, really eat

We’re not always about salad and kale. Some of us know how to put down a decent burger – or two. We love a good porterhouse steak (medium rare) and potatoes, and we’ll finish it off with a slice of cake too, thank you.

7. Drinking alcohol

Some women might want a fruity cocktail while others love beer or liquor just as well as any man does. It’s just the way it is.

8. Sitting “like a man”

Women like to be comfortable, too. You have to wonder about the people who still urge women to always sit with their legs crossed like it’s something that matters.

9. Dislike cooking

Some women like to cook and some don’t. It isn’t a woman’s thing any more than it is a man’s thing. A woman can’t help it if it’s just not something she enjoys doing.

10. Not smiling

A woman will smile when she has something to smile about. Demanding that she do so isn’t one of those things.

11. Preferring pants over dresses

Some women just aren’t comfortable wearing skirts or dresses, especially with that feeling of the extra breeze underneath. Pants sometimes feel much more natural.

12. Getting tattoos

We hear statements from some people about how they don’t like a lot of tattoos on women as if those women are supposed to care. Besides, for every one person who doesn’t like tattoos on women, there are ten people who are just fine with it.

13. Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think

Women are often made to feel like they should serve and please everyone else. We shouldn’t have to apologize for doing what we want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Some might say that’s selfish, but it’s really about self interest, and there’s nothing wrong with that. TC mark

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