13 Signs You’re Dating A Strong Woman (And Not Just Another Girl)

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The distinction between women and girls is more than just about age. It’s about a state of mind, world view, and the phases of mental and emotional maturity.

A girl is going to see the world differently than a woman. They think differently, and they behave differently.

Girls are commonplace, while women are rare.

That being said, are you dealing with a girl or a woman?

1. A girl babbles about her love life. She can’t wait to reveal the latest details about her relationship to anyone and everyone. A woman only shares limited info about her personal life with those close to her.

2. A girl is financially dependent on others to get by. A woman can pay for her own roof, gets around in her own car, and takes care of all of her own expenses. She has the lifestyle of a grownup, not a teenager.

3. A girl feels threatened by other girls that know her boyfriend. A woman knows she’s awesome and that her guy is lucky to have her. She doesn’t get jealous or intimidated by other women.

4. Girls place their looks above all other qualities. She buys into the lie that she is only as good as her youth and beauty. Women know their value is in much more than their appearance.

5. A girl chases guys. She’s always trying to flirt or get someone’s attention. A woman is actively pursued by men without trying. She knows how to show her interest without actually chasing the guy.

6. A girl wants a boyfriend. She just wants to be someone’s girl and allows herself to be not much more than a playmate. A woman prefers someone who can be a partner, through thick and thin. She knows the difference between teenage dating and adult relationships.

7. A girl wants attention. She seeks to have all eyes on her. A woman commands respect.

8. A girl will change herself to suit what a guy wants her to be. A woman has unwavering boundaries and standards. She won’t change who she is for anyone else.

9. Girls gossip about others. They treat school and work like a social gathering and spend their time discussing what other people are doing. Women are focused and will support other women. They don’t have time for petty gossiping.

10. A girl’s life revolves around her boyfriend. She drops whatever she’s doing to hang out with him or do whatever he wants to do. A woman doesn’t make him the center of her universe. She has her own life and she only associates with guys who respect that.

11. Girls are attracted to bad boys. They will shamelessly have eyes for the one who is notorious for his selfish ways and dangerous lifestyle. Women are attracted to good men. They have no time for bad boys who aren’t going to treat them the way they wants to be treated.

12. A girl spends all her free time mindlessly consuming pop culture. She’s always using social media to update the world about herself or indulging in the newest TV shows, movies, or games she finds interesting. A woman is primarily focused on improving herself and her situation in life. She’s more likely to use social media for business-related purposes or hobbies, leaving the Netflix and games for the end of the day.

13. A girl seeks confidence and validation from external sources. She feels the need for praise and approval from others to feel like she is worthy.  A woman knows that her confidence and sense of self worth comes from within. She doesn’t care what other people think of her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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