6 Things Bad Boys Will Never Really Get From Women

Khánh Hmoong
Khánh Hmoong

It’s a popular theory that nice guys finish last. Bad boys/jerks/assholes/players or whatever else you want to call them are the ones that get the girls. While there may be evidence of truth to the concept, we are left wondering what exactly these bad boys are getting when they are with these girls, besides the attention and sex they like to boast about. Actually, a better question might be, what aren’t they getting?

1. Respect. A woman doesn’t respect a guy when he doesn’t treat her right. They can be attracted to certain things about him, yet still hold no respect for him as a person. For respect to be present, one has to do something worth being respected for. Bad boys are bad because they generally aren’t respectable.

2. Commitment. Women that fall for bad boys aren’t likely going to stay committed to him, especially if he’s not committed to her. Guys will pretend they are okay with this at first, but after a while, how many of them are really okay with sharing?

3. Peace. There will be little to no peace from women in a bad boy’s life. His behavior has a tendency to invite all kinds of drama. He’s often having multiple issues with scorned ex-lovers that are plotting his demise.

4. Women of self worth. A woman with self value simply will not put up with bad behavior from these guys. Period. Once she understands what type of treatment she has earned, she will find anything less as unacceptable and remove herself from his life.

5. Real love. Bad boys might get passionate trysts, but not true love. A woman will always remember and cherish real love. When these ladies are old and gray, they are going to tell their grandchildren about any loves of their lives and reflect with fondness. They will likely have long forgotten about the bad boys of their past.

6. Lasting relationships. He might get the girl, but he won’t be able to keep her. Most men will eventually want a lasting relationship at some point. They will not likely be able to get that if they aren’t treating women properly. The phrase “like attracts like” is a law of attraction. They will usually be attracting women that are similar to themselves. Even if they do finish first, they certainly don’t finish best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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