The Only Way To Beat The Dating Game Is To Be An Individual

Alex Iby

Dating has such a bad reputation. The reasoning is because it’s often referred to as a game. The dating game is this term that humans have made up in reference to how someone can get a date or act during a relationship. It’s made out to be this super horrible, confusing and inappropriate time in which people try to figure out how to find love. The thing that most people don’t want to hear, however, is that there is no dating game.

People seem to think that there are certain tips and tricks that will help them get dates. Another misconception is that dating has set rules or guidelines. It’s not that tough. Dating isn’t an intricate game that requires skill sets or replicable behaviors. Everyone likes to assume that dating has to be this complex set of events that fall right into place. The false ideas of reality that come from stories and movies sink into the minds of people that are so infatuated with the idea of a “perfect” relationship. The truth is that if you’re having a hard time dating, it’s you. You’re the issue.

We all get so caught up in acting specific ways and imitating behavior of successful relationships, but copying what we think is right will only lead to failure. Every person is different and every relationship is different. It’s normal to envy other people and their happiness, but that doesn’t mean that the exact same situation will work for everyone. There are no tricks. Dating is about finding the person who completes you, so imitating someone else’s strategy is going to bring in the wrong people for you.

Listening to the rules of society and what everyone else thinks is the issue with dating today. We all want what everyone else has. The fact of the matter is that trying to achieve something that other people have, only destroys the chances for you. Acting certain ways that go against your true nature is what drives people away. Pretending to be something else and keeping up appearances in hopes of becoming successful in the dating game is what eventually makes it fail.

A really great idea is forgetting what society says is right and forgetting what you think a perfect relationship is. Just relax and be who you are and something great will happen. Stop trying to imitate other people and fake realities. There’s something unique about every person and what they can bring to a relationship. There is no “hard to get.” There is no “waiting until he texts you first.” There is no rule saying “he has to text you first.”

Seriously, forget everything that you’ve ever thought about dating. Dating should be something that’s thought about. It’ll just happen. That’s the beauty about finding your companion, they’ll like you for being yourself. Just do you. Be yourself. Stop trying to live in someone else’s relationship or in the idea of how everything should play out perfectly. Just live your life and you’ll find out that your story is completely different that anyone else’s and it’s definitely different that the dating game rules. That’s the real trick to beating the dating game, to stop letting it hold you back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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