When You Think He’s Too Good For You

Shivers, butterflies, the apex of what seems to be the most promising love story yet. Not exactly sure if he feels the same way; you go on, pretending to be naive. Girls, aren’t we?

Something sparks and you find yourself truly blinded by the souls around you and where the only person that matters is the guy in front of you. You find yourself clinging to hopes of rebounding from a failed relationship, pinning more dreams to the man of ‘your life.’

And right here, is where the plunge begins. Bewildered, perplexed, all your feelings get lost in translation. You love him, yes. But days past, where there doesn’t seem to be a day gone without an argument fought. You question these fights, as if the inner struggle were too real to handle. You nit-pick every single detail NOT worth fighting about.

Simply put, you question your thoughts, your love, and him.

You often feel that overcoming an argument served to strengthen your relationship, but little did you know, it’s tearing it bit by bit apart.

You feel that things are too good to be true, that you do not deserve what’s laid out so perfectly and flawlessly for you. This is when you think, “I’m not good enough for him.”

So what happens then? You agonize in that confusion, feeling the need to protect yourself before you get hurt.

Insecurities. You quarrel, you squabble in an attempt to break this off, before it breaks you.

You want to break this apart, before your heart gets shattered very unwillingly. You can’t accept that such a great thing has occurred, and you have to destroy it, before it destroys you. You dwell, you conjure up negative thoughts, ill-feelings about this love.

You are in control of it, and hence you think you’d feel less pain by ending it, instead of it ending you.

What next? You muster up courage, thinking of when to end it. For every other Tom, Dick or Harry, your insecurities get the better of the relationship and it ends, right there.

For that one man that stayed, he is too good for you.
And you are too good for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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