The 5 Guys You Don’t Want To Match With On Tinder

As college students who are constantly busy with classes, work, papers, and extracurriculars, we still waste the very little free time we do have on addicting apps such as Flappy Bird and of course, Tinder. After spending just a mere 5 minutes on this dating app, I recognized a pattern. Below is a list of the 5 guys I suggest you stay away from on Tinder, unless you’re into that…

Take Me Home Tonight
Take Me Home Tonight

1. The Fisherman

I might just throw my phone across the room and never pick it up again if I see one more guy holding a fucking fish in his photos on Tinder. I want to push you off that boat, but since I can’t I’m just going to swipe left.

2. The Frat Star

His first photo is a group shot with all his bros smoking a shitty cigar. The rest of the photos are of him dressed like G.I. Joe or he’s in a toga for whatever themed party his fraternity just threw.

3. The Has-been Athlete

Why do you still post photos of yourself from your high school glory days? Throw out your old football jersey and move on.

4. The Musician

He knows girls just swoon over guys and guitars, but newsflash: I can’t hear you play it, so show your face.

5. The “Nice” Guy

His first photo is of him holding a kitten, the next one is with his little sister, the next is of him in a field of puppies, and finally the last photo is of him with his grandma baking pie. Don’t buy into it; it’s all a façade, swipe left. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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