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We Are All Alchemists

We have the ability to transform. To take the pains and passions that run deep within our souls and turn them into gold. For if we are made of golden light, then may our broken hearts be but opportunities for awakening. May we rise each day with the sun’s beam like warmth filling our hearts. Holding us, so we may hold ourselves in the practices that shift our energy. Feeling into our broken spaces, so we may heal them. For when our embodied experiences stay stuck within us, we remain disconnected from truth, from light. So may we feel through the sticky and into our steadiness. Connect. See. Clearly. Expand. Our Resonance. Be here. In our soft strength. In humility and in deep compassion. Be willing to see these challenging gifts of our path as jewels that allow us to know ourselves, our essence. Awaken the wise ones, that live deep within us.

May we trust our heartache, the heartbreak of our brothers, sisters, and know we are not separate. May we be present to this life, may we witness each other and know we are all connected. And we all have the ability to step onto the path, to soothe all the tender hearts with our love. Everything we ache for is here. Right here. When we are willing to walk through our fire and let it burn through the sky.

I’ve known struggle. My heart, broken. Into a million pieces.

I’ve witnessed trauma and heartbreak change me. And,

I’ve seen the suffering adorn me with wings that have soared into a brave armor of light. Decorated in truth. Alive to it all.

Sometimes our heartache hardens us. Fastening layers of protection around our truth. But what if these achings were our most trusted advisors? Readying us. Cracking us, open.

What if we let down our shields to set ourselves free?

What if we allowed ourselves to break out of our cages, cast ourselves to the wind, and floated into the safety of love. Into this abundance, available to our hearts, at all moments;

Oh, how we could fly.

Then there we are, naked. Our heart’s exposed to the light.

What if only then when we are shattered, we didn’t break. But chose to pick up the pieces.

To dress ourselves in light,

Like a kaleidoscope of love.

To move and turn these pieces towards eyes of warmth, to trust the wild journey in all its heartache and earthly wonder.

We are this resilient. We are this beautiful.

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