17 Little Things I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me Before Now

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Evan Kirby

1.You don’t deserve to be treated like you’re second. In a world where more evil than good exists, you don’t deserve to put up with the people that aren’t interested in your time and your heart.

2.Stop wasting your time on someone who is stringing you and your feelings along. You wouldn’t let your best friend put up with that, so why would you let yourself?

3. You are freaking lucky to be alive. Don’t waste your time on things and people that don’t make you happy to exist.

4. Find something you love to do and consume yourself in it.

5. Go pet your dog! It spends its entire day waiting for you to come home.

6. Take care of yourself. This is your only life and you don’t want to spend it feeling miserable and unhealthy. Eat some vegetables!

7. Nothing good happens when you spend your time on the Instagram “Explore” page.

8. Tell your family you love and appreciate them.

9.Don’t play games. Be upfront and honest about your feelings.

10. Stop wishing you could have someone else’s life. That time could be better spent making your life into something you’re proud of.

11. Clean your room once in a while- it does wonders for your stress.

12. Little kids in your life look up to you! Spend time and be patient with them!

13. There is nothing “cool” about being exhausted all the time.

14. Enjoy every single day for what it is. You will never get that day back.

15. Don’t do things solely to post them on Instagram. Do them because they are what make you happy.

16. People don’t have to like you! And you don’t have to care!

17. Some advice you get is actually awful. But some honestly might apply to you, and they have the possibility to change your entire outlook on life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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