7 Things To Do When You’re Waiting For Him To Text You Back

texting and waiting

1. Listen to Beyoncé.

She is basically the Queen of Slaying Undeserving Men™ and will teach you a thing or two about making people worship the ground you walk on (or at least give you some killer confidence when he finally does text back. Tell him Boy, Bye)

2. Work out.

Girl, I would be lying if I said a good workout wouldn’t make you feel 100% better. Not only will it get your endorphins running, but it’ll also get you in a confident mood while keeping yourself looking fab. Look at it as a good thing he isn’t texting you back; you get to work on those bangin’ legs and he gets to miss out on the view.

3. Look at cute dogs on the Internet.

Everyone knows dogs are 20x better than stubborn boys, not to mention cuter and more attentive. You can’t drunk text a dog, amirite?

4. Text your best friend instead.

Girl friend or guy friend, your best friend will never leave you waiting an hour for a response without good reason- unless you just attract awful people, in which case I am so sorry, and you’ll need to choose another number on this list.

5. Take pictures of the things that make you happy.

Take pics of your puppy when he sees you walk in the door, or that enormous bowl of ice cream you just scooped yourself, because priorities. Remind yourself of the things you cherish in life to put the whole situation in perspective. If he is one of the things that make you happy, then let’s hope he realizes it before it’s too late.

6. Binge-watch Gossip Girl.

Truthfully, nothing will make you feel better than watching the lives of Upper East Side teenagers unravel. Also, if previously mentioned Undeserving Man ends up ditching, know that Gossip Girl will never break your heart (except when it does.)

7. Do literally anything else.

You don’t need an excuse to make yourself happy, but if you’re looking for a sign then This. Is. It. Whatever happens, look out for #1 (you) and take care of yourself! Happy looks good on you!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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