9 Simple But Sweet Date Ideas For A Rainy Summer Day

A rainy day can’t stop you from having a great time.

For the last week, it’s rained practically every day. If you’re from the Midwest, you know the struggle.

Yesterday I was out all day for my news internship, and my flats were completely drenched. On the drive home it was a monsoon, and I’m grateful that I didn’t hydroplane all over the place.

This rain has not been very convenient – especially for dates. Because of this, my boyfriend and I have had to get a little creative this summer. But I found that even in the rain, there are actually a lot of fun things you can do together. With some optimism and rain boots, you’re bound to have a great time.

So without further ado, here are 10 date ideas to keep in mind for the next rainy day.

1. Read together at a coffee shop.

There’s something about being in a coffee shop on a rainy day that it is oh so peaceful. And what’s even more peaceful is cranking out a book with someone you love. For all you bookworms, you probably lit up at the fact that yes, you can read with your significant other. This is a dream come true. Just find your local coffee shop, grab a cup of joe and enjoy a good novel.

2. Cook for each other.

Don’t be alarmed if you’re not the best cook – you are still qualified for a good experience. My boyfriend and I decided to cook a meal together; I was in charge of the asparagus, and he was in charge of the chicken. Here’s the thing: my asparagus was soggy and gross, while his chicken tasted like it was from heaven itself. Even though I did feel a little bummed for the bad service, he still ate every last on those asparagus, and we had a marvelous time together. It’s not about competition, it’s about acting like a team.

3. And if you don’t feel like cooking, go out for dinner.

We just got all of these new restaurants in our town, so it’s been really fun to explore some different places. Go grab a burger together, or dress up and treat yourself to a fancy meal.

4. Play a board game.

So Brandon and I made the move to play “Life”, and since he wants to be a financial advisor someday, he was all about this. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game is the one who wins, if that puts it into perspective for his financial brain. Of course he won, but he’s certainly up for a rematch.

5. Go to a museum.

Going to a museum on a rainy day can be a great time, because you get to learn together and also stay dry. I also believe that museums on a rainy day are very romantic.

6. Or jump around in the puddles.

So this is only if you’re real dare-devils, but it’s certainly a memorable time to go throw on your favorite pair of rain boots and leap into big puddles. You will feel unstoppable. The other day as I was running around in flats, I mentioned to my co-worker (who had rain boots on) that there is such freedom in jumping in huge puddles with rain boots on. Those boots are like a force field. And if you take on this challenge with your bae, don’t mind the weird stares from people who drive by. They are secretly jealous they are not in your shoes (ha, get it?)

7. Curl up by a fire.

Relax by a fire together and talk about your hopes and dreams. Bonus points if ice cream is involved, because that is quite the combo.

8. Work out together.

Yes, even if working out is the last thing you want to do, it can be a totally different experience with someone you love. Run side by side with each other, or go into one of those workout rooms and do some ab exercises together. You get to be each other’s encourager. You’ll also get a few good laughs in, which burns calories as well. What a no brainer.

9. See a play.

There’s nothing like enjoying a good story with someone you love. Seeing a play is a great way to be entertained while also staying dry.

Hopefully by now you are feeling inspired to take on the next rainy day. And no matter what the weather looks like, you can always enjoy the day when you’re with someone you love.

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