5 Things That Happen When You Move To A New City

This past week, I made the move to Nashville. Your girl packed all her bags in my little car and drove 6 hours to Music City. I have never lived outside of Ohio, and I came here not knowing a soul.

This move is for a summer internship in news reporting, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Along with this job, personal stuff made me feel like this was a time to experience something new.

I have lived in the Midwest my whole life, so this move to the South is quite a change. I’m wondering if I will develop a twang by the end of these couple of months. (Okay, let’s be honest, I’m hoping.) I will admit that I am a proud Yankee and Midwesterner. But I also was always intrigued by the South – it’s Southern charm, hot chicken, and authentic music.

Since I am a relationships gal, I was a little nervous to come down here without any family or BFFs to lean on. So the first week was quite the transition, to say the least.

If you’re wondering what the first week in a new city is like, read the list below.

1. You Have A Mental Breakdown

My dad had just left to drive home to Columbus, and I remember sitting in my new room all by myself. It wasn’t long before I got a pit in my stomach and the waterworks came in like a flood. I looked around my big, unfamiliar room and felt overwhelmed by panic.

Here I was, in this foreign city, and I knew no one. I had no idea what this experience would entail, and the uncertainty was too much for me.

I picked myself back up after about 20 minutes because I’ve found God doesn’t leave you in this kind of place for long. But let me tell you, that first breakdown is essential to your adjustment. If you haven’t had one yet, just wait, because it will come. But then it will be over, and you’ll be closer to adapting than you were before.

2. You Feel Like You’re In Freshman Orientation

I kid you not, the number of people I met in even one day was ridiculous. Make that seven days, and I could barely remember the names of all the people I met or all the phone numbers I collected. I felt like it was my first week at college, where I was meeting new people everywhere. Also, you’re the new kid in town, so everyone is excited to meet you. It can be quite overwhelming. but also full of hope for new relationships.

3. You Almost Get In A Car Accident

There were many times where I almost hit someone or got hit. It’s quite scary. It might be because I am unfamiliar with the highways and locations, so I’m not the best driver right now. Thankfully I haven’t gotten in one yet – but knock on wood.

4. You Go On A Ton Of Dinner Dates And Eat A Lot Of Food That’s Bad For You

Dinner is a great way to meet new people. And if you’re like me and getting dinner in Nashville, there’s a big chance that tacos are involved. The number of tacos I ate last week could probably feed a whole village, and I am not proud to admit that.

But when you are in a new city, you want to try the food, and you want to meet people. If there is ever a proper time to pig out, it’s when you move to a new place.

5. You Feel A Glimmer Of Hope For A New Beginning

Between adding new contacts and eating delicious, new food, there’s something hopeful about moving somewhere new. The world is your oyster, there’s plenty of opportunities, and there’s an adventure in the making. And whenever you do something outside of our comfort zone, good things are bound to happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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