I’m Still Not Sure Why Bad Things Happen

Can Anh Khai
Can Anh Khai

Still not sure why bad things happen
to good people
in airports and theaters
and schools and dance clubs

Still not totally certain why
countries with kids who play in the streets
blow up other countries
with kids
who play in the streets.

I can’t come up with the right words
about strength and hope
right now

but I’m sure they would include something

like stop killing each other please
because we have a lot to tell each other
and we won’t be able to
if we are too afraid of each other

If I know you, I probably love you
and if I don’t I’m willing to try to
and that’s all I know
and all
I can ask others to do.

Goodnight, world
and I’m sorry
we couldn’t get it right again today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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