10 Things You Only Do With Your BFFs

Flickr / lil’_wiz
Flickr / lil’_wiz

Sometimes I think about where I would be without my best friends and I realize it would be completely lost. These girls keep me sane and entertained. Thinking about that made me realize there are just some things you can only do with your best friends:

1. Talk about things no one else wants to hear.

From not showering to how long you’ve gone without shaving your legs to listening to you complain about that awful spray tan. Sometimes no one really wants to hear about it, but best friends are obligated to listen.

2 Share every last detail of your life.

They know EVERYTHING about you. The good. The bad. The ugly. The stuff you want to forget but they won’t let you. I mean everything. Daily schedule? Check. Upcoming doctor appointments? We’ll remind you. That boy you kissed four years ago on Halloween? They know his first and last name—cringeworthy! And when they don’t know where you are…they’ll just check the Find my Friend app.

3. Use code signs to get out of certain situations.

Yes, there is a certain look best friends can give each other to be rescued from an uncomfortable situation. Like that guy who bought you a drink at the bar and just won’t leave you alone. There’s a certain amount of time between being polite and being held hostage. One look at your best friend and she knows exactly what to do to rescue you. Usually with the phrase… “I have to go to the bathroom.” Everyone knows we can’t go alone.

4. Screenshot any and all texts and send it to your group message
for backup.

How else are you supposed to come up with the right response? They help analyze, theorize, and realize what every emoji, “Hey!,” and “Want to hang out?” text means.

5. Talk about how much you need to lose weight, then convince each other it’s OK to go get kimchi fries at 2AM.

The reasoning? We went to hot yoga that morning…they cancel each other out, right?

6. Stalk people we don’t know on social media and actually keep tabs on their lives.

We may have met them once, or someone mentioned their name, so naturally we need to know everything about them.

7. Go on road trips. Vacation. Weekend getaways.

Your best friends are always down to be just as spontaneous. It is during these trips that you become closer (if that is even possible). The memories you make on your girls trips will last a lifetime.

8. Have brunch.

Brunch can only be shared with someone whose willing to see you rolled out of bed, no makeup, big sunglasses, and ready to nurse that hangover with you. With a breakfast taco and bloody mary in hand, you’re ready to break down what exactly happened to who the night before.

9. Snuggle.

Sometimes you just need to share a bed, a pillow, and a long conversation with your best friends. There is nothing weird about cuddling with your girlfriends. We’ve even mastered the ability to sleep five deep.

10. Veg out.

Every once in awhile you just don’t feel like going out and your best friends will rally behind your decision. That’s when you bring out the pizza, bake, and watch a My 600-lb Life marathon. Replace My 600-lb Life with Law and Order: SVU depending on the night.

We’re a little crazy and maybe a little hard to handle, but that’s what makes us best friends. There’s always a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to you complain, a laugh when you need it, and a little bit of crazy to keep it entertaining. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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