When You Have Everything Except ‘That One Person’

This summer, I have been very productive. I have published on a few sites, worked on two internships, and built a resume in my eyes that will stand out amongst the rest. About these accomplishments, I am thankful; however, I am not satisfied.

It did not take me until this past fall to realize I do not think anything will truly fulfill the emptiness I have carried with me since I noticed it. It is not depression. It is not underachievement. It is having everything, but that one person.

Sure, I have great friends and had boyfriends; however, I do not have that one person, or at least I have not found that one person who does not have to compromise for me, but will compromise for me because I am that important to them. I have compromised for others before, but I have never had that person who did it more for me than I for them; that one person who wants to spend the rest of their life with me.

I am only twenty and seemingly have years of dating and people to meet left in my young life. Even possibly, I have already met that one person and he or I, have not discovered it yet. Regardless, I feel the pressure to find him because I do not want to wait forever.

Even when I do find them, that will not mean I am racing to say, “I do,” but I will be satisfied or more likely, less on edge and nervous. I will not worry anymore about finding that one person because I already will have. When you have everything but that person, you feeling you have nothing, but when you have that person, everything else becomes a little more satisfying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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