6 Tips For The Adjusting College Transfer Student

Flickr /  Leo Hidalgo
Flickr / Leo Hidalgo

1. Get involved on campus.

Although it may sound cliché, getting involved in clubs and organizations around campus is a good way to make friends that have common interests. Trying a new activity can be fun and a great resume builder! Universities always have campus- wide events that are typically open for all students, go to them. Go to pep rally, try the painting class, attend the tie-dye event because most likely, these events are free.

2. Take advantage of your new student orientation.

Orientation is an opportunity to get a better feel for your school’s environment. You will find yourself constantly comparing your new campus to the old one whether it be negative or positive, that’s normal. You will also meet current students who can show you the ropes. They can tell you the best places to study on campus, what professors to take and which ones to avoid or what type food to avoid at the dinning hall.

3. Live on campus.

In the beginning of your transition it is common to feel disconnected from your new school. Taking advantage of your schools on/off campus housing options will be an easy opportunity to meet others and feel a sense of belonging.

4. Meet with your adviser.

Did my credits transfer? Am I behind? What does my future look like? Registration didn’t go so well? So you are feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s normal. Meeting with an adviser will give you an idea of where you stand academically over the next few years.

5. Talk to friends and family.

Update your relatives, parents, and friends about your transition. So registration was terrible, or you failed that chemistry exam, you may have even gotten into a fight with your roommate, and you might not be feeling yourself. Tell them about your classes or your daily routine. Lean on them for support when you are feeling stressed out.

6. Remember to have fun.

These are the best years of your life. While attending class and dedicating yourself to school work is important, you need to let yourself have fun. While Netflix in bed sounds amazing, there is plenty of time for that. Go out with your friends and make some memories. If you don’t have fun on the weekends, you will burn yourself out at a young age. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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