10 Survival Tips For The Single Girl Who’s Dreading This Holiday Season

10 Survival Tips For The Single Girl Who's Dreading This Holiday Season
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Tis the season to see all of the happy couples posing in disgustingly adorable holiday accented portrait perfect photos. Shout out to all the single ladies cheers-ing their impossibly tall glasses of wine while they swipe for another winner (loser) on tinder.

Here are some ways to fill your (lonely) holiday season:

1. Shop…for yourself of course. So many great deals on anything you could possibly need. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness just hadn’t the slightest idea on where to shop! Plus, it’s not like you have a significant other to buy presents for!

2. Get caught up on all those DVR’ed shows you’ve been saving up for months. (Or on those boxed sets you keep promising your co-workers you’ll watch so that you can discuss those series’ that ended 13 years ago).

3. Spend time with family. Hopefully they don’t badger you about being single.

4. Spend time with your single friends. Because after spending time with your family badgering you about being single, you’re probably going to need to let it all out over bottomless mimosas at an all-girls brunch.

5. Go on dates. Lots of them. Guys either get super desperate at this time of year or go into complete hibernation. Like, do they want to have arm candy for all of their holiday parties or are they simply not wanting to have to buy you a gift for the holidays because they are too cheap?

6. Read a book, preferably not a romance. Maybe a thriller. Or a murder mystery. Anything that keeps the feels away.

7. Clean. Purge all of those things you haven’t touched in years collecting dust. (Keep the collectibles, including TY beanie babies. Those will be worth money someday. Maybe in another 20 years?)

8. Adopt an animal. Just because you can’t find love, doesn’t mean a cat or dog or bunny or some other fuzzy or hairless creature doesn’t want your love. Check out all of the animal shelters. Adopt, don’t shop!

9. Go skiing. Word on the street is that a ski resort is a major hot spot to meet hot, single guys. So I’ve heard. I haven’t actually tried this out. Plus, I am thinking two broken legs from falling down a ski slope is probably not nearly as attractive as it sounds.

10. Embrace that you’re single for another holiday season. Be thankful that you don’t have to suffer through going to your guy’s family holiday party and pretending to like them and the ridiculous gifts they always seem to buy for you. It’s much easier to go to your own family’s house and pretend to like them!

Being single is awesome, even during the holiday season. Cheers to a happy holiday season! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Single ladies have more fun, right?

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