A Quick Guide To Raving, For Beginners

Don’t know what to expect at your first rave? First, make sure it’s an actual rave, not just a show. Raves have a special energy about them where everyone understands another. It’s a place full of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR). It’s most likely a festival outdoors or a carnival with multiple electronic artists playing throughout the night.

A rave is your chance to connect body and soul with music. Let the sounds speak to you and express their message by letting yourself dance. No one cares how you look dancing at raves, it’s about letting go and expressing yourself. The music should bring good vibes. Reach out to strangers around you and let them know you accept them for who they are. Come together to appreciate the sounds and experience music at the mercy of the artists.

When it comes to your outfit be creative. I’ve seen so many interpretations of rave clothing. From lingerie, to fluffies, snapbacks, flower headbands, tutus, and fishnets- choose an outfit that you’ll be comfortable in. If you’ve got the confidence, show some skin! Think about the theme of the rave and craft something festive. Be unique and original, there will never be someone with the same outfit on as you.

Familiarize yourself with “arm candy” the homemade bead bracelets that ravers stack up their arms. Make a bracelet or two and then make friends at the rave. You can exchange arm candy with other ravers so that you keep a piece of them with you when you rave.

Of course, there is a dark side of raving. You may get freaked out by people’s odd behavior, extreme friendliness, or crazy eyes. There will be drugs. The important thing is to not be judgmental. If you’re into it you’ll need to stay hydrated, and buy some gum.

Raving is addicting. Your first experience at a rave will be something you will never forget in your entire lifetime. Even if it’s not your scene, you’ll take the experience away with you that is well worth it. Endulge in the energy, listen to the sounds and let go of reality.

Think you can do that? Then you’re ready to rave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Goodnight London

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