Before You Give Your Heart To Someone Again, Read This

Seth Doyle

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. You have come a long way to be where you are. You have endured so much pain that you don’t know what tears running down on your cheeks feel like.

Never let anyone get the best of you, and don’t give them the power over your vulnerability. Understand the depths of your heart and embrace your imperfections in order to see the beauty behind your scars.

Never let him get through you without a fight. You built your walls with bricks made of heartbreak and they’re as huge as your new-found love for yourself. Don’t let anyone ruin that for you unless they are willing to stay.

Never let him see through your eyes without understanding every crumble of yourself – from your anxiety down to your desire for independence.

Don’t let anyone in if his heart is not as ready as yours.

Never lose sleep over someone who only thinks of you past midnight when he’s bored and lonely. You don’t deserve a Netflix-and-chill kind of love.

Never waste time on someone who doesn’t even have time for you, ‘cause they only need you when they want to fill the void spaces surrounding their hearts.

Never beg for someone’s attention for you deserve much more than that. Don’t cry over someone who doesn’t even notice the changes in the way you smile.

Never lose your energy over relationships that are unsure, over unexpected hellos and unsaid goodbyes.

Never question your ability to care for someone because you know well-enough how to crave for affection because you were once broken, bruised and stabbed front and back.

Never doubt yourself because you are good enough, good enough to love and be loved in return. Don’t fall for deceit and lies, for you were once buried there with your hand clenching your own wounded heart.

Never rush because it will only come and go. Don’t jump into almost relationships for you can’t afford going on endless first dates only to start all over again.

Never underestimate yourself and your ability to love because you are your own hero, and no matter how many times you fail in love, you know that you can get up and say never again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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