Promise Me One Thing, That You’ll Never Lose Your Restless Spirit


Sitting still has never appealed to you. Being idle, in your mind, is a way to miss opportunities, experiences, lessons. Not that you look down upon chill activities such as reading or watching films about different cultures, people, or events. In fact, you love it.

But it’s not enough for you to just read or watch.

Afterwards, you’re inspired to go out there and live it. People might (actually, they will) tell you the way you are isn’t a good way to be. They’ll say it’s a curse that you can never be satisfied. They’ll say they wish you could be content and happy. Why must you push beyond limits? Why do you always have to go searching when there’s so much already here?

The only question they should be asking is why wouldn’t you go and explore every possible place you can? Because it’s most certainly not a curse.

It’s a blessing that you’re aware of all there is to experience, to learn, to grow from. It’s a blessing that you have the ambition, energy and zeal.

Not being satisfied with this small town isn’t bad. It has things to offer, sure. But it isn’t enough for you. You crave more, and that’s great. And despite what others may believe, you are happy. You’re just at your happiest when you get the next idea in your head.

You’re happy even when you remember the hours you’ll be stuck on planes, trains and buses, while jet-lagged at the hotel in your latest destination. You’re content when talking to the older man you sit next to at the coffee shop by chance, listening to his stories and personal anecdotes about life; when you and strangers on the sidewalk witness an event, and know you’re somehow connected by that moment; when you’re at a concert and meet people your own age, friends you may never even see or speak to again. Just to know you’ll have memories of those days and nights forever.

I can see your happiness when you arrive back home. After being gone a week, a month, a couple months. You take pride when you hand me my gift, one you just knew I’d love. I can see you beaming when you recount those stories and anecdotes, these memories you’ve made.

When some time has passed, you’ll declare your next journey. Those same people will shake their heads, repeat their grievances. Their words haven’t deterred you in the slightest, and I hope they never do.

Someday I’m sure you’ll feel settled in one spot. But until then, don’t lose your restless spirit. Because it is a beautiful, wonderful, admirable thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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