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Imagine A Priceless Love

Imagine loving.

Imagine loving more.

Imagine loving more than money.

Now, imagine loving a person more than money.

Imagine loving and accepting a person more than money.

Imagine loving and accepting a person for more than money and stuff.

Imagine, and only imagine, loving a person.

Connect to love more than paper, the plastic material.

Carry the love raging in your heart on the outside of your shirt sleeve. Let it be the shirt you wear. Let the love stay stitched in you like patches sewn on to fill in the holes of silence because not everyone around you can imagine loving.

Peel off your price tag. Not everyone will love you more than money. It was never about the money.

Move gently in the world toward more love. Toward love that doesn’t put a price on your body. A love that doesn’t see you as a dollar sign.

A love that sees you with your heart on your sleeve, the ripped up, the torn up pieces of your heart held hostage for ransom, and imagine a love not trafficked.

Imagine love. Imagine a priceless love within you.

A love not hidden behind a barcode. A free love.

Let your freedom find you when you imagine loving yourself with no price to pay. Give away the money paid for your body. Close the accounts.

Love yourself and bank in love. When all of the money and stuff is gone, only love remains.

Imagine you are loved more than money.

Lovely you, imagining what it could mean to be loved more than only the thing people saw when they needed something, filling your pockets with hearts that know the value of you is in love only.

Imagine loving only to become an endless love.

Let this love be your final transaction.

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