Here’s How The Language You Use Is Holding You Back

Change the words that create limiting beliefs and your life will change.

Each of us from the time we are born become programmed. We learn to build a world around us using words. Our words help us to define our relationship with our self and our place in the world: dark, light. Good, bad. Me, them.

Our egos use words to imprint false patterns on our unique self. Ego tells us we are separate from our earth, our shared humanity. The illusion of our separateness writes a negative emotional script in our lives and we begin to feel as if we do not belong.

But we are not destined to live in a negative emotional state.

We are a force in the world and we belong here to cultivate for the highest good.

We are the ultimate gardeners of the words in our mind, body, and soul. We are hoping, working, preparing a soil that is fertile in which we can grow joyous lives. We cannot settle for ego-sowing words of negativity here and there, culminating into a destructive nature.

Heal without attaching negative words to your life’s story. Words that trigger emotions keep you stuck in negative cycles. Tear off the labels on enemies. It’s part of overcoming our limiting beliefs and mental programming.

Invite your soul to speak and trust what it has to say. Transform your future by choosing the truth of what your soul says, not the words that have programmed you up to this point. You choose now whether your words are your power or your weakness.

In the process of healing and changing limiting beliefs, we align with our higher purpose on earth: We learn to bring ourselves into balance with earth and humanity—not try to bring all of earth and humanity into balance with ourselves.

Keep on exploring the magic of life through words.

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