7 Things To Do When You Find Out Your Ex Is Engaged And Having A Baby

1. Have a glass of wine.

A large glass of wine – to help dull the all of the Shock and Awe.

2. Do not dwell on this news.

Comparison is a good way to hold yourself back in the world. So…

3. Focus on you.

Now is the perfect time to reflect and figure out what’s working for you and what isn’t.

4. Come up with a plan.

This plan could be called the “How to Make my Life Awesome-er” plan – or the “How to Feel Way Better about my Life – Really Fast” plan.

5. Beautifying.

Your plan will probably include some sort of beautifying improvement – like a haircut – and most likely lots of working out your body – and all of that stress and frustration!

6. Work that core.

Your plan should mainly consist of building up your core – not the abdomen – but your inner core. That part of you that is in need of sparkling – as in – what are doing when you Sparkle? Is it when you’re doing yoga, or cooking, or playing music? Whatever it is – do it more – and figure out how to make it your life, so that you (freaking) Sparkle all of the time.

7. Sparkle.

When you Sparkle… all that Love and Babies and elusive Happy Ending feelings will fall into place. Because when you put the “Focus on You” (#3) – and not your Ex or his new partner – or that whoever at the gym with the better whatever – you’re life will all fall into place. It might start with a Latte – and lead to a Baby – but enjoy all the Sparkling along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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