It’s Okay To Be Scared

We are often inspired by others. There are some people that keep us going, some that push us down, some that lift us up, some that exemplify to us who we never want to be. While going through life, each of those people plays an important role in each and every one of our lives. So why does this matter? Why should we take all of these people into consideration? Why should we let them all impact our lives?

One day, and trust me, it will happen, you will finally meet a few true friends. The few people that would do anything to keep you from falling, anything to lift you up, and anything to see you smile. Of course, they won’t ALWAYS make you smile, because what kind of friend would that be. Nothing is perfect; there are always ups, always downs, always good days, and always bad days. But those are what make you appreciate the good things that come your way, the good people that pop up into your life at the most unexpected time.

And when those people come around, let your guard down. Don’t push them out of your life. It’s hard, because when you have dealt with the people that push you down and the people who exemplify who you never want to be, why shouldn’t you keep your guard up? Why should you give these other people a chance? Why should you set yourself up for pain? For another scar? Another broken heart?

Because you won’t. These will be the people that inspire you to be the best person that you can be. They will bring out the good in you; the best parts of you that you didn’t even know existed. The feelings you never knew you had, the happiness you never knew you could experience. And it will scare you like hell to lose them, don’t get me wrong. Love is a terrifying thing. Chances are hard to take. But boy, when you do take them, you might find those diamonds in the rough that you will be able to call your best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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