47 Things Every Kid Should Know About Their Babysitter

Advice to kids, from a babysitter:
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins

1. We love it when you wear pretty dresses, have hair done in cute little pigtails, and ruin it all by playing in the mud.

2. We expect you to do what we tell you not to do. Try everything once, then deal with the time out.

3. Your biggest problem should be deciding what toy to play with. Let us deal with everything else.

4. We will not tell your parents everything. They will know major things, but chances are we will not tell them about your one and only time out.

5. We will let you watch more TV than your parents allow, if you are quiet and behave. Heck, if you’re quiet and behaving we will probably allow you to get away with murder.

6. We will cover for you. If you watch TV all day and you know you’re parents will be mad about that, we will cover it with the amazing stories. Just go with it.

7. If we are giving you lots of sugar, chances are your parents will be home REALLY soon.

8. Don’t argue when its time for bed. It is no longer socially acceptable for us to play with your toys or watch kids shows once you go to bed. We are just as upset as you are.

9. We will not leave until your parents come home. There is no need to check that we are still there.

10. If we say it’s time to go, you usually have about 5-10 mins before we actually need to go.

11. I will read you stories before you go to bed. You get to pick it, and I will always read one more than mom and dad do.

12. Anything you tell me is a secret, will be kept a secrete. Unless its cute. Then we are telling everyone.

13. We have a Mommy and Daddy too.

14. Please put all your toys away. Or most of them. We have no problem helping you, but we don’t want to clean up anymore than you do.

15. Video games are awesome. Babysitters are competitive and we will beat you.

16. After you go to bed, I say I am going to homework, but I am really going to sit on the couch and watch TV.

17. Eat your dinner or try to eat your dinner, heck, just look at your dinner. You are probably going to dessert as soon as your parents leave anyway.

18. Thunderstorms are scary. You can always cry and yell for us during a thunderstorm. We will come to you and snuggle until the storm passes. It scares us too.

19. Babysitters are stupid people. We are NOT the ones to ask for help on your homework. Especially when it comes to the new common core and the “new” math.

20. Don’t cry. It breaks our hearts.

21. Being mad at your baby-sitter or calling us mean, makes us question every decision we ever made.

22. Nothing is better than getting a big hug when we walk in your house and then when we leave.

23. We know we are not as cool as Mom & Dad.

24. Mommy & Daddy will always come home. I promise you.

25. We will never lie to you.

26. Feel free to laugh at us when we are clueless about how things work. It makes an awkward situation much easier to deal with. Don’t forget to show us how it works!

27. Its ok to stare at us when we bump into each other outside of babysitting. We do not expect and kid to realize that we have a life outside of babysitting.


29. Seriously, do not get hurt.

30. You getting seriously hurt while we are in charge is our worse nightmare.

31. We don’t care what you do at the park, but we need see you at all times.

32. Yes, we know we drive slower than mom & dad. No need to remind us.

33. Unless we are in charge of your laundry, we really don’t care how dirty you get. Even if we are in charge of your laundry, we still don’t care. You’re a kid, have fun!

34. We may be overprotective, but your mom & dad expect us to keep you safe at all times. Safety is our priority.

35. We cherish every drawing, every note, and every card you give us. They are the best!

36. Sometimes, we will be in bad moods. Please do not push our buttons.

37. We love the stories you tell us. We especially love the ones that would embarrass your parents.

38. We will fix your boo-boos the best we can. You need to know that we will never fix them as good as mom & dad can.

39. It’s ok to make mistakes. Everyone does. Even your babysitter.

40. You can have a bad day. Everyone is entitled to bad a day now and again. That will not change our perception of you.

41. Unless you are really, really, really bad, we are telling your parents that you had a good day.

42. You can only play certain games on our phones. And we will be mad if you beat our high scores. Do not take it personally.

43. We can’t wait to hear about what Santa got you, what you got for you birthday, or what mom & dad got you just because. We want to play with that toy too!

44. While mom & dad are getting ready to go, please don’t scream for them. They will say good-bye, I promise.

45. We say no when we have no idea if you can do that or not. I don’t care how often you say mom & dad let you. And no, I am not texting mom and dad to ask if you can watch a PG13 movie. The answer is no.

46. We will let you win at board games. If we win, its usually by accident.

47. We will hug you like a parent, annoy you like a sibling, but have as much as you do with your best friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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