5 Fights You’ll Have With Your Best Friend & How To Handle Them

New Girl: Season 2
New Girl: Season 2


It’s rough when you feel like your bestie is cheating on you. But they’re not replacing you, they’re just growing and trying new activities and new friends. Talk to them about how you feel. Take a genuine interest in their new friends and activities and see how can you support them. See if you can set up a time every week when it will just be the two of you. Text and make an effort to talk/communicate every day. Don’t get too possessive, or that will lead into a totally new fight:


We’ve all been there. We texted at 2 a.m. and panicked when we didn’t get an answer. We got pissed. They eventually responded and were even more pissed. You’ve gotten jealous over other friends (see above). You realize this happens and it’s normal. Just trust that if they’re not answering because something is wrong, they’d tell you.

3. The “BOY” fight.

First off, there should never be a boy fight. Ever. Try to take preventative measures. Never date your friend’s ex. If he’s not good enough for her, he’s not good enough for you. Never side with the boy — he’s always wrong, your friend is always right. And even if she is wrong, keep your mouth shut and be a shoulder for her to cry on.

4. The “DRUNK” fight.

Drunken words do not equal sober thoughts. Whoever told you that lied. Anything that is said drunk should not be taken seriously or remembered in the morning. Just forget about it. If a BAD fight erupts (someone cries in the bathroom stall) talk about it after the hangover has worn off. Hash it out, laugh it off and let it go.

5. The “HEY! THATS MINE!” fight.

Why do you have a bestie if you don’t steal each other’s clothes? This is a petty argument. This shouldn’t happen. If you need something ask for it. If she can’t find it, steal something of hers. End of story.

Most importantly, don’t ever forget that you have had fights, and will have more fights.

No matter what happens you will always be besties.  TC Mark

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