33 Problems Only Youngest Siblings Understand

Vince Alongi
Vince Alongi

(1) You have zero baby pictures of just you. An older sibling/cousin is ALWAYS in there.

(2) You have gotten used to sleeping on the floor on family vacations. You get to sleep on a couch if you’re lucky.

(3) No matter what game you played, you were always picked last, and you were always first out.

(4) You are compared to your older relatives by pretty much everyone.

(5) You will never grow up in the eyes of your aunts, uncles, parents, and/or grandparents. You will always be seen at the little 5-year-old.

(6) By the time you reach important life milestones (getting your license, graduating, getting marries), everyone is bored with them already. Yours is no big deal.

(7) You can rock hand-me-downs like its nobody’s business.

(8) You don’t have a baby book.

(9) Your siblings constantly told you that you were adopted, just to mess with your head.

(10) You hate seniority.

(11) You sat at the adults’ table once in your life, and it was a major let down.

(12) You paid for your own education, because by the time it got down to you, your parents were out of money.

(13) You are still not sure of your real name because you are so used to being called someone’s brother or sister.

(14) ALL of your teachers knew who you were before you had them.

(15) You’ve stayed up all night crying over not feeling as good/accomplished as your older relatives.

(16) You never have control of the remote. You’ve learned to like whatever is on TV.

(17) You were forced to participate in the same activities as your older siblings, because your parents could not drive to two activities at once.

(18) You pick up anything on the floor, because no matter what, you will always be “the closest to the ground”. Despite the fact that you are now taller than everyone.

(19) People are always shocked that you are not exactly like your siblings.

(20) If a game involved a ball, it was being thrown at your head. No matter what game. No matter what ball.

(21) Your mother either: 1) Did not let you out her sight or 2) Totally forgot about you. There was no in-between.

(22) Your parents never, ever, ever, got your name right. (Bonus points if you were called the dog’s name).

(23) You always had someone to blame.

(24) You were always accused of being the favorite.

(25) You were always accused of being a tattle tale, but you only tattled out of self-preservation.

(26) Privacy? What’s that?

(27) All your toys ended broken or stepped on.

(28) Your dad is freakishly overprotective of you.

(29) Your boyfriends/ girlfriends have been interrogated by at least six different people.

(30) Having your older siblings put in charge while the parents were out for a few minutes meant you became their slave.

(31) Everyone is surprised when you excel something.

(32) Everyone accused of you of being shy, but you never really got a chance to voice your opinion, so you just gave up.

(33) No matter how much they tortured you, you knew someone ALWAYS has your back. And that never ever changes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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