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On Coping With The Loss Of A Close Relative

There will come a time when we experience the loss of a loved one and we won’t know how to cope. Losing a close relative feels as if your world had collapsed right in front of you.

It can be more than difficult to slowly realize that the person you love won’t get better and will sneak away one night as their eyes close for the last time. As you lay awake in your bed, unable to fall asleep, you wonder if there was anything else you could do or if something magical could happen that could heal your loved one.

However, in the end, you choose to accept the situation and prepare for what is ahead. Days later, it becomes clear that the close relative will be going.

Hearing the news that a family relative passed makes you want to believe that it was your imagination telling you so. The words “passed away” sinks into your mind, and sometimes, you don’t even know how to react. You feel empty, as if you lost a part of you that will never return, knowing you will never get to see them again.

That part of you came from your close relative, who helped shape and develop you into a better person. Sometimes losing a close relative could make you feel like you should have spent more time with them and loved them harder. But you know you did what you could, and each day, you spend time wholeheartedly loving them.

Now you are focusing on how to cope with the loss. You reflect on images taken with you and that person. Then you realize that they will always live in your memories and heart.

That is the time to reflect on the happiest memories you have with that passed relative and always remember how much that person loved you. Doing this can help anyone dealing with loss overcome their heavy amount of despair. We cannot allow ourselves to obsess over death to the point where we began to live with regret by blaming ourselves for why they couldn’t stay longer. Doing this is not the route to take if wanting to cope with loss in a positive way.

Speaking from experience, I know how it feels to lose a close family relative. Losing someone you love can be a devastating blow and makes you feel as if there will always be something missing in your life when you keep in mind what that person would have wanted and allow the sense of them believing in you as motivation. For instance, I cope with loss by understanding that my close relative is no longer in pain and is watching above.

Coping with a loss is not about learning how to overcome sadness. It is about turning sorrow into a positive light where you are not letting loss turn you into a different person. You allow it to transform you into a stronger person who strives to become better than they were by learning from them. Coping with a loss is a learning process that can teach you to become a wiser human being.

Losing someone I love has taught me that life is precious, that mental health and physical health are equally important, and that finding inner peace can come a long way.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief, it is a cycle that keeps going around, and hopefully, you will get better over time over time. Pain is like fire, and dealing with it is the most challenging part. It will take time to heal. The best method anyone can do to deal with cope is not trying to reason with your emotions, but rather learning how to manage and express them.

Create a space where you can express yourself and your emotions. You cannot bring people back, but you can learn to face your own mortality and recognize how delicate life is. We must face the reality that all the things we work for — financial stability, hard work, goals, dreams — will end one day, but we don’t know when. We only have one life, whether filled with success, prosperity, and ambition or regretfulness, frustration, sadness, and envy. We live once, and it is on us to choose how we want to live.

Most importantly, the loved ones we lose become a part of us in which we become their legacy.

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