Why Slow Will Always Win The Race

You will encounter moments where you find yourself comparing yourself to others. You’ll see some people be more successful than you and think you’re not good enough. Then you become insecure about your goals and dreams. You start to worry if they are even possible with the rate you are going. This behavior causes you to have a lack of self-esteem and feel invalid.

But you forget to realize and grasp that everyone has their timeline. Each individual has their own story and obstacles that they faced to get where they are now. We can not evaluate people’s outcome without a fair understanding of what it took for them to get there.

Speaking from experience, I am young and have my whole life ahead of me. My dream is to be a U.S. Senator and motivational speaker. I acknowledge that my dreams will take years if not decades to obtain. But I would rather it take a lifetime than to not have a passion and big dreams at all.

I used to lose sleep, worry constantly, and hate myself because of trying to rush my goals. When I should have kept in mind that bigger goals and dreams take a longer time to achieve.

But I did not keep that in mind and decided to force things to happen. That resulted in me becoming unhappy not with people around me but with myself. In addition, I lost focus on what I needed to do now and got distracted by focusing too much in the future.

I needed to be patient about my journey and accept that I might not be a politician and motivational speaker right now. But I believe that I will definitely get there and the right time will come.

Ignoring the journey and only focusing on the destination will cause us to lose focus on the true purpose of our dreams and why we want to achieve them. Therefore, let’s focus on what we need to get done rather than watching others live their life. It is about your journey, not your current status.

That is what makes you inspiring is how persistent, driven, hard-working, motivating, and passionate you are about your dreams.

Once you begin to become less worried about what you can’t do the more you will be able to see what you can do. Then you will be able to achieve more goals and get closer to your dreams.

Sometimes we get caught up about how long it’s going to take for us to get to where we want and that makes us feel anxious about how much time we have. We all have the same amount of time during the day. It is our responsibility for how we choose to use that time.

We all have our own time and feeling the need to do it all, will eventually, overwhelm us.

Then we will feel not as worthy compared to the people who already made it.

When in reality, slow and steady wins the race. But the race is towards ourselves and not a competition with others. The race is more about self-improvement and doing better than before.

If we attempt to rush things, then our path will become slower and we will feel that we have to achieve our dreams now. Instead, understand that some goals and dreams are life long terms that will take a while for us to accomplish.

That is alright because if we genuinely remain focused, determined, and have a powerful mindset, we will eventually get to where we want quicker than we think.

Slow is fast even if the statement looks deceiving. Taking our time towards reaching great amounts of success allows us to clear our minds, personally develop, and keep a healthy mentality. We can get more work done if we have a clear vision.

Slow wins the race.

We need to practice patience, self-care, address insecurities, and stop comparing ourselves.

As a result, we will overcome our weaknesses and flourish like never before.

You will achieve your dreams if you tell yourself that. It is up to you on how you will get there regardless of how long it might take.

An aspiring politician, writer, advocate, and enjoys public speaking.

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