Love The Girl Who Always Feels Alone

Love the girl who always feels alone because people have not cared for her like they needed to, protected her fragile, naive heart, and that’s why she feels alone in a world compiled with billions of people. She doesn’t have anyone to remind her that she matters and that she can be open and accepting of people trying to penetrate that barrier of hers.

The reason for that barrier is because she doesn’t have anyone to remind her of how important she is. She deserves your honest love because she will embrace it like no one else could ever. She will devote all of her energy to being with you because you’ll be the first person to ever make her feel a part of something bigger.

The only catch is, you’ll have to be willing to wake up every day, brush the hair out of her sleepy eyes and remind her that she is more than empty space.

Love this girl for she won’t take anything you do for granted. She knows gratitude better than anyone because she treats people in the way she hopes people will treat her in return. Be the orange in the grey she finds herself living in.

She won’t ever let you go to sleep angry or reject your hugs and kisses when you’ve made her mad, because even then, she will know that you’re the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll mean more to her than you’ll ever fully be able to comprehend. She’s felt alone for so long and it’ll be like you were the one thing that gave her hope of better tomorrows.

She will love you immensely and passionately. Love her and she will give you adventure, memories, love and reassurance that you’re not alone and, thanks to you, she isn’t either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark