Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

Most often, the pressure of finding and being in a relationship pushes us to fall for people who don’t deserve our love. The want and need to have someone to hold us at night, someone to kiss us in the mornings, can be blinding, but be stronger.

Don’t continue to give your heart to those who don’t deserve it. Don’t let people take your time and hurt you.

Be patient. Wait for the person who will love you back and make you feel special. Wait for someone who will care for your heart the way you would take care of theirs. Wait until you find your Valentine.

Your valentine’s smile will illuminate the darkest of corners, they will make you feel incredible happiness, they will cherish you for who you are.

Don’t give pieces of yourself, and of your heart, to people who don’t genuinely plan on loving you with every ounce of themselves.

Stay single until you find the person who makes you laugh and hates it when you cry.

Your Valentine would do more than buy you chocolates and flowers. They would remind you every day that their love for you is intense and only grows as the days pass. They will make you feel important and beautiful. They will give you confidence and love the fact that they help you feel that way.

Your Valentine, although they are not perfect, try every day to make sure you’re happy. They understand you’re imperfect as well and love you for it.

Stay single until you find someone who’s top priority is being a good significant other. Wait for the person who loves you more than you thought anyone could ever.

Having a valentine is more than gifts and nice candlelit dinner’s. It is someone who does their best to love you every day. Your valentine motivates you to be your best self and is convinced that you make them better as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark