When I’m With You, Everything Finally Feels Quiet

The world stops, the sound of stress and overthinking fade into the wind, and the only sound left is the sound of my heart racing and your beautiful laugh and I’m happy.

I’m happy that you make all the negativity in the world nothing more than a whisper.

I’m happy that you hold my heart with caution and don’t take it for granted.

I’m happy and that makes my life so much easier because dragging your feet in the sand is not a way to live.

Before you, I was nothing more than the sound of heavy traffic, and cars honking and wind jumbling the thoughts in my head. I was nothing more than loud matter.

You were a breath of fresh air that I never knew I needed. You were the sun hitting my face and I’ve never felt more alive.

You found me stuck in my own head. You introduced me to genuine love and incredible happiness and I could never thank you enough for that.

You made my world quiet when I thought living was nothing more than noise. You gave me a reason to wake up and live life in the moment. You taught me that what has happened in the past is stuck there and what happens tomorrow is out of my control and that the only thing I can do is love who I am today and embrace what’s to come.

Laying with my head in your neck, nothing else matters than this moment. The craziness and overthinking can’t reach me here in your arms and I’m content. The stress can’t find me lost in your love and I’m grateful.

I was so stuck in the chaos of my thoughts and you pulled me out.

You’ve made my world quiet and I love you for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark