What It’s Like To Fall For Someone Who Feels Entitled To Your Love

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My biggest regret was giving my heart to someone who felt entitled. Without earning it, you thought it was yours and I foolishly gave it to you with no questions asked.

I let you take pieces of me selfishly and I ignored the little voice in my mind telling me it was wrong because I had fallen in love with your blue eyes and dark nature. In the moment, I didn’t care if you deserved my laughs or my need to make you happy. All I cared about was calling you mine even if that meant giving 100% to you and not receiving nearly as much in return.

You felt entitled to all my kindness and you took it for granted.

You didn’t care that my heart was fragile or that I needed taking care of like a flower does. You handled me with such carelessness and I let all my doubts of you drown under the power your voice. I let you kiss every inch of my body and I let you kiss away every voice saying to run away from you.

You were so blatantly uninterested in who I was and the only person I can blame is myself.

I let the thought of us together cloud my better judgment and that’s a lesson I’ll only ever have to learn once because I don’t have much to give anyone else. All those pieces you took didn’t fit back in their places by the time you gave them back to me.

All there is now to do is hope that something grows in their places and pray that I won’t always be the broken girl you turned me into.

You were never entitled to anything: Not my heart, not my time and not my energy and I know that now.

I hate that it took me so long to notice how little you loved me in return and how little you thought of me. That’s what hurt most. It hurts to think that I could be so naive.

Never again… TC mark

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