I’ll Love You From Afar

woman leaning on brown wooden surface
Jon Ly / Unsplash

I wish you knew that I love you. I wish that you knew how lost I get in your eyes and that when I hear your laugh, I know that there is no sound on this earth that could be nearly as beautiful.

I wish you knew that everyday I lose myself in visions of you running your fingers through my hair, complimenting my eyes even though my hazel eyes are not nearly as breathtaking as your blue eyes.

I wish that you could be my forever and my end and I wish that I could be yours.

Loving you feels right and it feels like I was put on this earth to love you this much, but I also know that we could never be and It’s dangling in front of me, just out of my reach and I can’t grab it.

You’re life is a little complicated and messy right now and I understand that. I don’t want to be the one to add to that mess. I don’t want to contribute to that. I want to be something great and I understand that I can’t be that for you right now.

You are everything I need in my life and you fill holes that I didn’t know existed until you came along.

And when I’m old, I’ll tell everyone how in love I was with you and how you stole my heart without ever meaning to.I’ll tell them that I admired you and that you made me want to be better without trying.

You are a fantasy, nothing more than that and I’m okay with that because I have to be. I love you and love is hard and I know that you don’t need love in your life right now. You need to focus on you.

Maybe one day, timing will be right and I’ll tell you how I feel, but that day isn’t today.

I’ll always love you from afar. TC mark

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