On Loving A Dreamer

Eric Ward / Unsplash

The reason I love you so much is that your dreams and aspirations are so beautiful.

I’ve always had an affinity for dreamers because dreams are goals solely fired by passion and want and need and I find that so inspirational and alluring. I love you because you take that same passion and apply it to our relationship and I’m forever grateful for that.

You give me hope that anything is possible. You give me hope that I won’t be average and you tell me “you choose what mark you leave on the world” and what saying could be more beautiful yet true.

Being with you is being lost in opportunity. It’s being told that I am capable of everything I set my mind to and you were everything I lacked in life.

You were this bright red rose in a garden of weeds and even when I picked you from the floor and made you mine, you never withered. You flourished if anything and made me the women I am today and you’re who I thank for that.

You made me realize that life is a dull as I allow myself to perceive it. I think that has been the most prominent thing I’ve learned from you and your way of living.

Your goals force you to push yourself. They aren’t ordinary goals that are easily in arms reach. You made it to where they motivate you every day and leave no room for failure or misdirection.

I find your passion so mesmerizing and contagious and I catch myself making goals for myself that I would’ve never believed I could reach.

I love that you allow me to feed and bounce off of you and your goals. You’re so supportive and you always do whatever you can to help me reach those goals. I feel as though that’s why we work so well.

I’m fascinated with your dreams and wants in life and you inspire me and support me at the same time. Your positive view on life and your openness makes loving you incredibly satisfying and easy. TC mark

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