Don’t Push Me Away

Jeffrey Wegrzyn / Unsplash

Don’t push me away, I’m begging you.

I can see the darkness clouding your vision, invading your brain. I can see the sparkle in your eyes that was once blinding start to dull and I’m asking you not to let that negative, dark space suck you in and if you do let it, at least take me with you because I can’t bear to be without you.

Don’t let this take you from me again. Don’t let the sadness you feel overpower the love I have for you. Let me hold your heart in my bare hands and I swear that sadness will disappear. At least I hope it does.

I know there’s a lot to be sad about in this world and I know that life can be so fucking disappointing, but let me be that one thing in your life that’s amazing because that’s all we need.

All we need is that one thing that has the power to pull us from the black hole I know so well.

Let me be your stability, your happiness. I want you to harbor every hope you have in me and I promise I won’t let you down and I promise to make you happy every day. Just, don’t push me away because my love for you could possibly be your only chance.

Last time, you sat next to me, yet you felt so far away. Miles and miles from my reach and it took me so long to make you realize that everything could be okay if you let me show you.

Find comfort and security in me, I promise it’s there. Let our love for one another be what keeps you in my arms. Don’t push me away like last time. Please.

Find light and find beauty in the way I look at you, in the way I make you laugh. I’m asking you to let that be enough.

I know it’s easier said than done, but try with every fiber in your body and don’t give up. I love you so much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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