You Were Always Meant To Be Mine

Jéssica Oliveira / Unsplash

In the middle of the night, when you pull me into you, I know we’re meant to be. The stars align, the world goes mute and all I can feel and hear in that moment is your heart beating against my back and I know it beats for me.

It’s the way you take care of me, and have my back, and the way your cold hands cup my face that assures me that we are a forever thing. You were not put into my life for nothing, you were brought into my life to make a mark. You were brought into my life to better me, help me, teach me and to love me.

Even when you yell at me, it feels right because you wouldn’t fight for me if you didn’t think I was worth it.

When you make me angry and upset, I still love you and I haven’t doubted that since the day I first met you.

You are the calm in the hurricane, you’ve always been my solution to every problem and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You love me furiously and I know when I look into your eyes that we aren’t temporary, that what we have is infinite and I firmly believe that we have no end. Your love makes me feel lightweight and effortless and I hope that everyone gets to feel that at least once in their life, because there’s no better feeling in this world than knowing about something, than being so sure about someone and so sure that they belong in your life.

I want nothing more than to be loved by you, to fight with you, to go through the hard times with you. I am my best, most productive, positive self when I’m with you and your everything I thought never could possibly exist.

You were always meant to be mine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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