You Were A Flame In My Darkness

Fernando @cferdo / Unsplash

There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary or enough combinations thereof to accurately describe the amount of love that I feel for you.

I’ve always known you were special. I’ve always known that you weren’t just a fling and that our love wasn’t fleeting in the way that most young love is. I find it hard to believe that we could ever live a single day without each other, without the love of one another.

You have the power to completely obliviate every ounce of happiness I hold in my body and that doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t scare me that you could ruin my entire world, shatter the floor beneath me if you wanted to because I know that you love me in the infinite way I love you.

I see it when you look at me. You look in my eyes as if they were some hazel abyss. As if my eyes held the endlessness of space and you smile. You hold my hand and hold it tight as if I might run away or disappear. You never let me go to sleep mad or upset. You accept my love and breathe it in the way everyone else inhales oxygen.

You hold the key to every hope and dream I have for myself and for my future and I know you cherish that.

Our love doesn’t make sense to most people, but it’s because I know they haven’t found what you are to me. They haven’t found that one person that makes them feel infinitely happy. I know that finding you this young was a blessing and I’m glad that I get to spend most of my life being loved by you.

I had started to question my faith and the fact that anything good could happen to me and you came along and proved that I had to struggle to get where I am today and it was worth it. You were a flame in the darkness. You have always been everything I needed. TC mark


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