You Saved Me From Myself

Christine Donaldson / Unsplash

I spent my entire life unhappily dealing with bullshit and it was like you were this miracle in a pile of all the things that defeated me and things I couldn’t handle. You were a glimmer of hope that I never knew could exist.

You came into my life when I needed you most. When I thought the purpose of life was to be average and when I thought no one was really happy, everyone was just acting.

You came into my life and showed me this side of it I had never experienced before. Being with you was standing at the top of a cliff, closing my eyes and smiling into the wind. Being with you was free falling with no cares or worries if hitting the ground would hurt.

There were no rules or reservations in loving you. It was straight to the point and raw and organic. It was the way your laugh could fix my toughest day. It was the way your shining, blue eyes could heal every piece of my broken heart.

You revived me from a life in which I felt powerless. You made me realize that the world is what I make out of it and that I choose how my day starts and begins and that happiness exists.

I could never properly tell you how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to be loved by you. You saved me from myself and I hope you comprehend what that truly means.

It means that you saved me from the restrictions I created for myself by having no one who believed in me and my dreams. You saved me from the people who thought I could never be a writer and you saved me from everyone who enabled me and let me treat life as if it were two-dimensional.

You are every goal I have today and you are my ambition and motivation and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am because of you.Β TC mark


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