I Want Your Love, Even If Only For A Day

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I would have rather been loved by you for a day and then had my heartbroken the next than to have never been loved by you. That’s the thing about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. You want them so bad that you would rather have known what it felt to be loved by them for a second than to have never been loved by them at all.

I wish I knew what it would feel like to get our lips acquainted with one another. I can only imagine what kind of flips my stomach would do if your eyes met mine with purpose because, even now, that my love for you is unrequited, when you talk to me and our eyes meet, my heart falls into the pit of my stomach and an abundance of butterflies swirl in my abdomen.

I can’t imagine what your love would do to me. It would turn this boring life I live into this rollercoaster of endless adventures and I would start to pick up on your habits. Maybe I would start biting my lips the same way you do when you’re trying to figure out something or if I’d start clapping my hands when I laughed especially hard like you do.

Maybe you would teach me your patience and I would teach you poetry and maybe we could last forever, but I’ll never know.

That’s the thing about dreaming. There’s so many “if’s” and “but’s” and “maybe’s”, but there’s also so much sadness in that. So much rejection involved and so many scenarios you’ve created that were all for nothing.

I wish you would allow me to lose myself in your ocean eyes so I could show you that I could give you everything she doesn’t. You could realize that I am what you need.

I wish that you would let me kiss you the way I’ve dreamt about doing and maybe that would make you realize. Just one day. I would love to have my heart broken by you if you gave me a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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