To The Man I’ll Marry Someday

Soroush Karimi / Unsplash

Thank you. Thank you for loving me endlessly and feverishly and, most of all, thank you for putting up with my shit and promising to do so for the rest of your life.

I hope you make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and that tears fall from my eyes because that is my second favorite feeling in the world next to sneezing and I hope you fall in love with my weirdness and my need to constantly hide and scare you when you get out of the shower.

I want to thank you for sacrificing the TV for 3 hours as I watchย  Titanic whenever it comes on and thank you for letting me wipe my tears on your sleeve.

I want you to know that if you feel like Iโ€™m in another world, know that youโ€™re right and that my head is somewhere else, lost in thought and I apologize in advance because I know I think too much. The easiest way to pull me back is by hugging me tight and telling me you love me.

Know that I love your cologne and the way your hair looks wet and how you married me and promised me forever. Know that I am grateful to have been loved by you and that you have my heart.

Thank you for being in my life and loving me although I can be really weird and say some really bad jokes. Thank you for putting up with all my cheesy pickup lines and my need to mock you in the funniest voice.

I promise to love you for as long as I am alive and to appreciate you as much as possible. I promise to be the other half of your heart and to be your right-hand man for as long as I live.

Thank you. TC mark


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