Why Looking Back Is Bad For Your Future

Pietra Schwarzler / Unsplash

Live your life focusing on what is in front of you instead of pondering on things that have already happened because, well, they’ve already happened. Success and achieving your goals will always be on the road ahead of you and never behind so ditch your rearview mirror.

Focus on being progressive and not regressive. Life is about moving forward and not letting anything keep you from doing so. Spend life making goals and working towards them. Spend life being the most ambitious person in the room and enjoy every second of it. 

Worrying about the past will only make working towards those goals harder. You can’t drive safely if you keep looking back at the road behind you. You’ll crash and life works that way. Look back too much and you’ll derail from the goals you placed right in your reach.

Only you can decide at which rate you achieve those goals. Dedicate everything you have to your art and you’ll be nothing less than a success. Dedicate every second thinking positively and being focused on yourself IN THE MOMENT. Not who you were a year ago or who you were a month ago. Focus on who you are today.

Love yourself passionately, embrace the mistakes you made yesterday and use that to make you better today.

Don’t let yourself get too caught up on mistakes you made in the past when, at the end of the day, you can’t take any of it back. Believe it or not, people will forget and, before you know it, you’ll be the only thinking about it still.

I have three words for you: LET IT GO.

Love vigorously, focus on being successful, laugh insanely and forget about the mistakes you’ve made because, well, they’ve already been made. Learn from them and don’t ever let yourself feel regret. TC mark

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