What Finding True Love Is Really Like

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It isn’t only the glistening of his blue eyes, but the way they went deeper than the ocean ever could. The way they smiled at me and the way they made me feel safer than I ever thought was possible. It was the contrast of his dark hair to his pale skin. It was the deepness of his voice and how it spoke the words I never knew I needed to hear. He was my first and last love and I know this undoubtedly.

It’s cliche, that is, until you find someone who embodies this overwhelming feeling of security and pure joy and adventure all in one. Finding love is nothing less than absolutely terrifying.

He isn’t perfect but he is everything I need to be happy. He’s a bit of a surprise sometimes in the way that he isn’t completely predictable and I love that about him. He keeps me on my toes.

He is my home. He is the foundation, the walls, the roof, the windows all in one and that never scared me, if anything, it makes me feel more secure. 

The thing about true love is that there is no mistaking it for anything else. True love feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s this glow from within that only you know is there. It’s this overwhelming feeling of happiness and there’s no better feeling in the world.

Love can be complicated and, at times, painful, but true love is worth the hard work and tears and the pain and the fights.

True love is not perfect love because, well, perfect love just doesn’t exist.

You will fight and you will hurt, but you will also be loved vigorously and it will be all-consuming and beautiful. You will find someone and give them the world because you know they deserve nothing less.

Not to say him and I will be together for the rest of our lives because I can’t tell the future, but I will never find somebody who I will love in the way I love him. True love is once in a lifetime.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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