Time Took You Away From Me Too Soon

Jorge Flores

Time wasn’t our friend, wasn’t in favor of our love because our time together ended too soon. Time took you from me. Pulled you away like tornadoes pull houses out of the ground and single moms pull out their hair.

We were supposed to get an apartment together, get married, have kids and now all that’s left is your memory and the faint smell of your cologne I loved so much. I know I will never be able to find what we had again.

Love is a once in a lifetime thing. You can date a million people and think you love them all and then find this one person who totally redefines what you thought love was.

Our time ended because you gave up instead of sticking around and waiting for the storm to blow over. You gave up because I guess I wasn’t worth it and I can’t fathom the idea of you thinking that.

Now the pain is more prominent than before and I just wish you never happened. I regret you. You made me. You gave me no other choice because even though you’re my greatest memory you are also, now, my worst pain, my deepest regret.

I know you loved me the way I love you. You just couldn’t take the pressure and the problems and that’s not okay. I should’ve been worth the trouble, but you’ll wish you had stuck around when you can’t find someone who makes you feel the way I did in our best moments.

You were my entire future and when you left, you took it with you and now I’m here. I am here in Today because I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow or in 5 years or in 10. All I know is that I’ll be okay because I have no other choice than to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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