The Heartbreaking Reason Why Love Hurts So Much

Sang Huynh / Unsplash

It’s disguised in a big red bow, is so easy to enjoy, makes you feel more alive than you ever thought was possible, only to hurt the worst. More than putting hand sanitizer on a paper cut or stubbing your toe on the door. Worse than running into the corner of a table and getting hit in the shin.

Love hurts so much because we emotionally invest everything we have into it. We open up, become vulnerable, let it pump through our veins. We inject it into our everyday lives, we let it affect everything we touch.

So, when Love decides to turn on you, it’s like dominoes falling. One falls and knocks the next down which knocks the next down and so on. It continues until every domino has fallen and they’re in a pile on the ground and we are in shambles on the floor.

Love hurts because it turns every good thing in you the deepest color of blue, invades every glimmer of hope and happiness and destroys it. It makes you regret ever letting yourself open up to it the way you did.

Then, you get used to the feeling of your heart being empty and the beating of it sounding so hollow and loud. Everyday life loses its color and the world is this light shade of grey. Laughs sounds more like taunting than everything and you try so hard to be happy again that you forget and lose sight of what it was that made you happy before them. Before love became this intense pain.

This is why we meet people who are completely walled off from reality, because they haven’t found what normalcy is like again. This is why we meet people so guarded and afraid of letting someone else know them, because they’ve been hurt before and they can’t imagine going through that twice.

Love is all consuming and complex and has the ability to completely destroy every piece of you if you let it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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